Rapp Hydema winch supporting fisheries research vessel

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Rapp Hydema Northwest LLC has received a contract to Marinette Marine shipyard construction of the first five NOAA fisheries survey vessels (FSV) provides packaging equipment, winches and other machinery. It is reported that the previous four "Oscar Dyson", "Henry M. Bigelow", "Pisces" and "Bell M. Shimada" No research vessel of the winch is also provided by a Rapp, in addition to the winch, but also including the related power and control system.
Rapp began the company since 1977 active in the business of research and survey vessels, has been as far away as South Korea and New Zealand universities, government departments to provide a package of research and survey equipment, winches, this year also obtained orders from South Africa, winch package, supporting fields gradually extended to Europe's ROV and project boat market.
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