Shipbuilder Fincantieri UAE joint venture

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 Italian Fincantieri has announced the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was established with the company and Al Fattan Melara Middle East joint venture shipping companies shipping companies Etihad (ESB). Etihad set up the ship's main purpose is to design, construction and sales, and maintenance and alteration of military vessels and merchant ships. At present, Fincantieri for the UAE Navy, the company is implementing two projects, namely the construction of "Abu Dhabi-class" offshore patrol boats and "Falaj 2-class" offshore patrol boats.

Fincantieri CEO Giuseppe Bono said in the comments, "At present, than at any time means that foreign orders will receive the local shipbuilding. Therefore, we need to provide adequate equipment new shipyard in order to ensure quality and reduce shipbuilding delivery period. We are implementing the UAE Navy in Italy, built the first offshore patrol vessel and provide technology transfer strategy. We reached the future construction of military vessels in the UAE and civilian vessels of the potential commercial benefits will be very satisfied with the agreement. "

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