Japanese shipping machine operators: 80% reduction of nitrogen oxides

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Japan's major engine manufacturers are now stepping up research and development of green engines to reduce emissions, more stringent 2016 emission standards of international preparation.
Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding plans to test next-generation four-cylinder engine of large, ready in December this year, engine plant at its Tamano denitrification equipment with the aim of developing technology and the use of exhaust gas recirculation of nitrogen oxides reduction catalyst system. If denitrification equipment to achieve the desired results, as compared with conventional engines, nitrogen oxide pollution reduction is expected to reach 80%. Mitsui expects the investment of 15 billion yen ($ 18,400,000) or so, some financial assistance from Japan, the land department.
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries will also be tested in the spring of 2012, similar to the engine, cost about 10 billion yen at its Kobe shipyard installation of engine test equipment. Mitsui Shipbuilding and as targets for the reduction of 80% of nitrogen oxide emissions.
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