"Catfish" To the waters of a cargo ship sank in Fujian crew in distress 13

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 By  TypSuperhoon No. 13 this year, "catfish" external influences, the Taiwan Strait and China's coastal Fujian sustained winds (up to wind up 8-9 grade), maritime distress frequency. The evening of October 20, cargo ships, "Sheng Jia, 16" wheels sinking in the Fujian area for some reason, the ship crew in distress 13. The East China Sea Rescue Bureau of the Ministry of Transport of professional rescue ships "to save the East China Sea 159" round, "the East China Sea rescue 195" and the East China Sea the second rescue helicopter rescue flight team "B-7106" joint search and rescue, there are eight crew members were rescued.

It is understood that vessel, "Sheng Jia, 16" length of 96.7 m round, 15.8 meters wide, carrying 3,000 tons of fluorite, in Fujian sea lake about 7 nautical miles northeast of the island sank for some reason. Life of 13 crew members on board are a serious threat to life raft escape by 10 people, 7 of them boarded the East A Island, a man jumped from the raft on the island in a way to travel east, the waves washed away tired, and another 2 people stay in the raft to be saved, and the remaining 3 were in ominous.
After receipt of danger, the Secretary for the East China Sea Rescue Bureau attaches great importance to Sun Fumin, personally took command of the duty room on-site rescue command, the command duty officer's office immediately launched the emergency rescue plan, the instruction sets in the determined stand against the Gulf against the "East Sea rescue 159" wheel speed to the site search. "East China Sea rescue 159" round to overcome the strong winds at sea 8-9 ,3-4 Big Wave, rainy night in poor visibility, difficult and complex marine environment, difficult night more than 4 hours, at 23:50 to reach the scene, in the field Expand expanding square search, because it is night, the search is very difficult, until at 6:00 on the 21st there is no search result.
To increase the search efforts, 6:02, East second team rescue helicopter rescue flight "B-7106" took off to the scene, ready to "save the East China Sea 159" round to start three-dimensional joint sea and air search and rescue. 10:35, rescue helicopters to escape the island in the East, a 7-member crew set out to safety, "the East China Sea rescue 159" round to continue the search, while deployed in the East China Sea Rescue Bureau of Meizhou Bay standby "to save the East China Sea 195" round to support the search.
11:17, "the East China Sea rescue 159" wheel found life rafts, there is a raft of people, there is 1 near the sea. "East China Sea rescue 159" round of search and rescue immediately, ten minutes after the rescue of the crew in the liferaft to be rescued and recovered the bodies from the one in distress. At present the work of other missing persons search and rescue continues.
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