Zhanjiang: With the "area along the way" to lay the "sea card"

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According to the "news and newspaper summary" report, Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province, play as a national "along the way," the strategic fulcrum of sea cooperation in the role of the bridge, to develop the transportation network and exhibition industry, foreign " "ASEAN" brand.

Today in the country such a how to do farming or other can do other recycling economy may be the only place in Zhanjiang today. Or not the development of such oasis or this treasure to the whole of China ... ...

Chia Tai Group from Thailand in 2010 selected Zhanjiang as their new base of modern agricultural projects. At that time fancy, is the development of aquaculture Zhanjiang has a natural advantage. However, six years in the past, Chia Tai Group, Guangdong Qiao Yuan Tao, senior president, said here is to give them more and more of these foreign entrepreneurs surprises.

Qiao Yuan Tao: Zhanjiang Port! Is in the middle of the way we are talking about a very important stronghold. He has such a number of configurations and advantages. In the future we have the right products go out of the country, to join us in this world a good product, we have the best chance.

Foreign-funded enterprises to expand the market through Zhanjiang. Local private enterprises also use Zhanjiang as a national "along the way" sea strategic fulcrum cooperation in the city the opportunity to actively "go out." In Hengxing Feed Industry Co., Ltd. Wang Jianhong, vice president of view, Zhanjiang "due to Hong Kong and Hing", is not just a "concept stocks."

Wang Jianhong: We have accelerated the pace of investment in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, India and other places, the development of space is very large.

At present, Zhanjiang investment in the ASEAN countries accounted for more than 90% of the city's total investment abroad. ASEAN has become the largest trading partner of Zhanjiang. Zhanjiang City is also actively set up and "along the way," the country's economic and trade platform. From 2014 onwards, China Ocean Economic Expo site permanently settled in Zhanjiang. Ocean City of Zhanjiang, the addition of a city card.

Expo organizers, Zhanjiang City Tourism Investment Group ... ... View Original: http://news.china.com.cn/2016-11/22/content_39760743.htm

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