The elderly were crab clamp wrist injury after injury black _ experts: seafood and other injured hands must be immediately cleaned

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[Crab clamp clamp the old man was injured after the black back] Li Bo treatment the same day, in fact, the wound is not very obvious
The elderly were crab clamp forceps injury after the black back, the wound was infected died. Recently, a 75-year-old Li Haizhu District of Guangzhou City, the elderly, in the killing of crabs when the right hand tiger's mouth was clamp clamp clamp, leading to wound infection by the flesh of necrotizing fasciitis, eventually died of illness .
Admission Li Bo Guangzhou Medical University Second Affiliated Hospital, Wang Weixiong, deputy director of emergency department, in fact, Li Bo's wound is not large, initially did not cause the attention of the elderly, there is no corresponding treatment of the wound. Then, Li Bo's physical condition gradually worsened, not only redness and swelling of the back of the hand, also appeared diarrhea, abdominal pain and other symptoms.
Outside the hospital, "Diaozhen" is not effective in the case, Li Bocai to Guangzhou Medical Second Hospital emergency treatment. However, just three days, Li Bo's condition has been rapid development, was sent to the Second Hospital of Guangzhou Medical shock, and heart, lung, kidney, liver and other organ dysfunction.
The doctor diagnosed Leber as necrotizing fasciitis. Old man was admitted to the ICU, although the right upper limb amputation rescue, and finally in the last Friday (November 18) still died of illness due to illness.
Wang Weixiong said that the flesh-eating bacteria can enter the body from a small wound, and its toxicity, poor resistance to people simply can not resist, and the mortality rate of this bacteria is very high, people in contact with seafood processing must be careful.
"Carnivora will be infected in any part of the fascia, the patient must be removed as soon as possible admission to the necrotic tissue and use of antibiotics, or can cause sepsis and a variety of organ failure, 24 hours can be fatal.
He had a clinical encounter in a 40-year-old male patients because there is no timely medical treatment to the hospital one day of death cases, "this case of patients with chronic renal insufficiency, treatment more difficult."
Experts advise: seafood and other injured hands, must immediately clean disinfection
"The most important way of prevention is careful handling seafood." WangWeiXiong reminded the public, if you accidentally bought back seafood hurt the hand, remember to immediately use disinfectant clean; if the wound must not exposed to seafood exposed. There are spiked fins, lobsters and crabs, the same can be spread to humans through the wound, so diving, fishing, seafood market stalls are there is a certain risk.
Wounds that are stung by seafood may cause swelling, fever and pain. These are symptoms of inflammation, but if the wound is extremely painful, it is likely to be the main symptom of the carnivorous bacteria and requires immediate medical attention.
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