Which is the real cod? - Experts teach you how to distinguish

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Cod, Atlantic cod, Arctic cod, Hood, Whiting ... which one is the real cod? Experts suggest that the first tutorial about knowledge, in order to identify the authenticity.

Cod meat white fresh and nutritious, protein content is much higher than salmon, pomfret, shad, octopus. And sharks, containing only 0.5% fat, 17 times lower than salmon, 7 times lower than the octopus. Fish are rich in magnesium, the cardiovascular system has a very good protective effect, is conducive to the prevention of hypertension, myocardial infarction and other cardiovascular disease. High oil content of the liver, in addition to rich DHA, DPA, also contains the necessary vitamins A, D, E and other vitamins. Cod liver oil in the proportion of these nutrients, it is the best proportion of the human body every day. Therefore, the Scandinavian people refer to the cod as a dietitian on the table.
In the biological classification, cod fish belonging to the animal kingdom phylum, radiolabel, cod-shaped head, cod, cod. Three species of cod in the cod are Atlantic cod, Greenland cod and Pacific cod are pure cod.
Zodiac family "brother Sa" in size, size, weight, looks very similar. Pacific cod is mainly distributed in the North Pacific Ocean, from California to the waters of northern California are the areas they live in. In the area of ​​Alaska, the average annual catch is more than 250,000 tonnes, almost all of which is produced in Alaska. Alaskan white cod meat white meat, compact and soft texture, rich in high-quality protein, omega-3 unsaturated fatty acids and a variety of trace elements, but the fat content is very low. Atlantic cod living in the northern Atlantic Ocean, is a cold water fish, the largest can grow to two meters long, one hundred kilograms of weight, looks similar to the Pacific cod. The Atlantic cod was tender and tender. Greenland gad grew up in the waters around the coastline of Greenland, with few appearances on the market due to low yields.
At present, the cod market is chaotic, and consumers can easily be confused. Coupled with the scarcity of pure cod resources, so fake cod will swoop in, there are two common: silver cod and cod. Silver cod fish belonging to the genus Scorponidae blackfish Branch naked cover fish genus, one is the Antarctic dogfish, belonging to Perciformes, in China is known as the "whiting". The other is Alaskan black whiting, belonging to the pleomorphic order, in the international community known as the "black cod." Silver cod fish because of meat and rich in nutrients can be almost comparable with real cod, so more popular with consumers. Commonly known as "oil fish," is a generic term for snake mackerel and snake mackerel, which is similar in appearance to cod, but not a population. Oil fish contains the human body can not digest the wax fat, the human body is difficult to digest. Some people will accumulate in the rectum after eating, leading to diarrhea, gastrointestinal cramps and discomfort. The commercial value of oil fish is not high, is a low-cost fish, because the oil content is high, mainly used for refining industrial lubricants.
Experts suggest that the following methods can be identified from the true and false cod:
1, the price difference between true and false cod larger. Real cod prices higher, at least 200 yuan per kilogram. Three to four yuan a pound on the market in all likelihood is not a pure cod. Consumers must ask when buying the origin of cod, species and other information, easy to confirm.
2, thawed after the prototype. Fake cod fish fiber thicker, flesh color dim, water larger, after the frozen meat. True cod fiber compact, flesh than white, very delicate flesh.
3, after steaming on the taste. True and false cod taste difference, cod or silver cod fish succulent delicate, sweet taste, the entrance is ... ... View Original: http: //epaper.oceanol.com/shtml/zghyb/20161122/63814.shtml
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