Foshan, Guangdong in August aquatic products qualified rate was 93.8%

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Recently, the Foshan Food and Drug Administration announced in August in Foshan City, aquatic products (including freshwater fish, marine fish, chilled water fish, freshwater shrimp, sea shrimp, crabs, fresh shellfish) special sampling results. A total of 130 batches of aquatic products were tested, 122 batches of qualified, with a pass rate of 93.8%


This reporter learned that the sampling area for the Chancheng District, Nanhai District, Sanshui District, Gaoming District farmers market, large, large, medium-sized restaurants, aquatic products storage enterprises, test items for the malachite green, hidden Malachite green, chloramphenicol, enrofloxacin, nitrofuran metabolites, cadmium, lead, inorganic arsenic and so on. According to reports, the special sampling of 43 batches of freshwater fish, 20 batches of sea water fish, 10 batches of chilled water fish, 8 batches of freshwater shrimp, 11 batches of sea water shrimp, 21 batches Crabs, 17 batches of fresh shellfish a total of 130 batches of aquatic products samples, 122 batches of qualified, with a pass rate of 93.8%. "From the sampling situation, the city's aquatic products business quality and safety continue to remain at a better level." Foshan Food and Drug Administration said.


Foshan Food and Drug Administration explained that veterinary drug residues are animal products containing any edible part of the parent compound of veterinary drugs and / or its metabolites, and veterinary drugs related impurities. Improper use of drugs in aquaculture is the main reason for the production of veterinary drug residues. "After the administration of animals, some stable drugs with stool, urine excreted into the environment can still be stable, resulting in the environment of drug residues, leading to soil and water pollution.Human long-term consumption of veterinary drug residues of food, Body accumulation of drug concentration reaches a certain amount of the body will produce a variety of acute and chronic poisoning.


Foshan Food and Drug Administration to remind the public in the purchase of aquatic products may note the following: First, to have a business qualification, preservation of the perfect place to buy, may require the operator to provide the relevant certificate of origin, purchase certificate or inspection certificate And other documents to verify, and pay attention to ask for sales certificates; the second is to try to buy fresh aquatic products, and do sensory examination to see the body surface, scales, gills, fish eyes, muscles, appendages, etc. freshness.

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