Japan's autumn salmon production prices plunged 30%

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This year, Japan's salmon production is not satisfactory, as of the end of 10, the total output of 77,349 tons, a total of 23.02 million, compared with last year, production fell by about 30%.

     The total output value was US $ 443 million, down 14%.

     This year, the price of Japanese salmon is 628 yen per kg, up 30 percent from 498 yen last year.

     The reason for the sluggish production is mainly due to the typhoon in the region in August, coupled with a large number of river and driftwood into the sea, warm offshore, resulting in delayed fishing season, so the end of September - early October should be fishing high ... ... View Original: //www.zgsc123.com/show-109-137152-1.htmlhttp://www.zgsc123.com/show-109-137152-1.html

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