Hubei Province this year, the origin of aquatic products quality pass rate of 100%

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Recently, the Hubei Provincial Bureau of Fisheries came good news, the province of 2016 origin of aquatic products quality and safety supervision department-level pass rate of 100%.


This year, the Ministry of Agriculture in Hubei Province conducted a total of 7 times the quality of sampling of aquatic products origin, testing tasks by the Ministry of Agriculture fisheries environment and aquatic products Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center (Wuhan), the Ministry of Agriculture Aquatic Products Quality Supervision, Inspection and Testing Center (Shanghai) and The Chinese Academy of Water Sciences freshwater aquatic product testing center three testing institutions.


It is reported that the Ministry of Agriculture this sampling a total of 465 batches of samples, sampling species involved crab, crayfish and four fish and other eight varieties. The main detection nitrofuran metabolites, chloramphenicol, malachite green and quinolones and other prohibited and restricted drug residues and other 5 indicators. After testing, the province's 465 batches of samples of the test indicators of the pass rate of 100%, ranking the whole ... View Original: //

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