Yantai cuisine seafood line - steamed climbing shrimp

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In Yantai is the happiest day to eat delicious seafood! When I first eat the mouth of the people often say that the delicious climbing shrimp, it will never forget the taste. Spread the tongue is full of fresh taste and rich shrimp climbing seafood juice, as if eating the mouth is visible protein.


Such a delicious unforgettable climbing shrimp is only taste also eat it? In fact, its nutritional value is the most people forget. Climbing shrimp nutritious, succulent soft, easy to digest, weak and the need for nursed back to health after the disease is an excellent food. And is rich in magnesium, magnesium on the heart activity has an important regulatory role, can well protect the cardiovascular system, it can reduce blood cholesterol levels, prevent arteriosclerosis, but also the expansion of coronary artery, is conducive to the prevention of hypertension and Myocardial infarction; and the climbing shrimp there is a miraculous effect is through milk, so for children, pregnant women, tonic effect.

 Climbing shrimp is the most simple and most retain the nutritional value of the practice is: steamed climbing shrimp.


1, climbing shrimp to buy home to clean twice soak for a while


2, ginger chopped ginger


3, on a small bowl down on vinegar




4, climbing shrimp in the open steamer tray lid cover steam for 10 minutes ... ... View Original: http://www.sdnews.com.cn/yantai/xms/201611/t20161118_2162607.htm

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