In the winter before the best seafood to eat

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Know how to eat people know, eat seafood to follow the season to go, winter is a good time to eat seafood. Crab plump, oyster nutrition, fresh clam ... ... Today Xiaobian to introduce the most suitable for winter to eat several kinds of seafood, missed the seafood season, do not blame me Oh!





Our first to say is the swimming crab.


Winter crabs in terms of the season is not the chrysanthemum crab fat, but the sea is the most portly of the crab to the plump time. Tianyi a cold day, the sea began to red crab Portunus, this time to eat it may have to weigh the weight of the first to weigh their own purse slightly, good quality in previous years, red cakes Portland expensive when you need more than 200 dollars a pound it!


To say that the red crab Portunus eat, Zhoushan people choose to eat salted with salt.

Red cream choking crab




Red cream crab will be the color of live crabs to the extreme, clip a crab paste, into the mouth, the kind of salty and fresh taste is absolutely memorable. Red cream entrance that is, an aroma is still mouth echoed a long time. White and full of crab meat, if just out of the refrigerator, there is a layer of cream, more delicious, crab meat is very delicate and supple entrance, like glutinous rice balls slide into the stomach, so you eat a mouth, but also want to eat The second mouth.


Red Cream




1. Select the fresh frozen mother of the round umbilical crab 2 kg, rinse. Be sure to pick a red cream crab, marinated out before fragrant.


2 to 1 kg of cold water to join the ratio of 5 two salt, the preparation of pickled water, add a few slices of ginger, into the 2 tablespoons of white wine, the whole will be placed in Portunus, the water should be no swimming crab. Cover with a plate to suppress, cover the lid.


3. After 15 hours of pickled, pickled mature crabs, and remove the open crab, chopped into pieces, dip the seasoning can eat it!





Octopus in winter when its meat is the most fat, the most beautiful. According to experts, the winter is the best season for fishing hairtail, and this time the octopus in order to prepare the winter well, the body savings of fat, so flesh and oil, taste particularly good. Especially the Zhoushan radar net octopus, can be described as the octopus session of the "Hermes"! Usually at the end of September to the end of February the following year listed, and 20 days before and after the winter solstice, is a year among the most delicious fish the most delicious time.

The hairtail in the top - "radar net" octopus




For octopus, Zhoushan people eat can be described as diverse. Fresh Zhoushan octopus local people prefer to hold salt, steamed cooking, so to make the most authentic taste of octopus; can also be made into soup, a half soup, such as radish with fish soup, fish soup fans and the like. The Xiaobian today to say is the most local feelings to eat, and it is condensed with many people's memories - with frozen fish.

Tropical fish frozen




In the winter, my mother will burn a large bowl of soup rich octopus, placed after a night of bowl of juice will freeze into cold. You eat a large section of the folder when the octopus, attached to a block of frozen on the bowl, Q shells of fish with the temperature of the fish slowly melted, infiltrated into the rice, do not mention more delicious! Xiao Bian I like the morning with frozen fish with frozen food, although slightly heavier to look at the taste, but often half bowls octopus are gone, and porridge is also just pick a few mouthfuls.






1, the fresh octopus washed to the tail, change knife into segments.


2, set the fire pot, add salad oil, add spring onion, ginger, stir out the flavor out. Add octopus paragraph, cooking wine, soup, salt, soy sauce, the fire will be cooked octopus, add MSG stand.




3, take the plate, the fish code is good, poured on the soup placed a few hours, so that the natural freeze on the table. Meat fat waxy, that is, the entrance. ...... See original: http:? // __biz = MzA5MzQ4NTA2MQ == & mid = 2650975581 & idx = 2 & sn = 0d1897cffcca29fec8b4b883eb66c636 & chksm = 8bab2c37bcdca5218c32185b6b7c8b29bff3ce142820e46631a076a5498f9446a8579aa22f14 & mpshare = 1 & scene = 23 & srcid = 1118ldNzUDpMe4P17GnrAhh4 # rd

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