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CIMC Raffles will build the world's most advanced platform dismantling semi-submersible

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On 18 November, Shandong Shuangchuan Crane Co., Ltd. (SDTM), a subsidiary of Shandong Ocean Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd., of Shandong Marine Investment Co., Ltd., and Yantai CIMC Raffles Marine Engineering Co., Ltd. signed TML (Double Boat Heavy Lifting System) Project construction contract. Director of Shandong Provincial Office of Science and Industry for National Defense Wang Chaoying, Deputy Director of Shandong State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, Yin Gang, Chairman of Shandong Haitong Group, Wang Jianzhong, President of CIMC Raffles attended the signing ceremony. General Manager of Shandong Haitou, chairman of Shandong sea workers and the set in the set Raffles President Wang Jianzhong signed on behalf of both sides.
It is based on the concept of the world's most advanced dismantling "dual-ship lifting and three-ship linkage operations," the construction of new offshore platform dismantling project, mainly for the installation and dismantling of fixed platforms, the delivery will be in North Sea waters. The TML project consists of three semi-submersible vessels equipped with DP3 positioning systems, two for dismantling and one for transport. CIMC Raffles is responsible for detailed design, construction design and construction. Each semi-submersible ship length of 206.3 meters, 42 meters wide, 12.5 meters deep, 9.5 meters draft design, the number of 200 people. The two dismantling semi-submersible ships are equipped with multiple heavy-duty cranes, which can be flexibly assembled for different sizes of platforms with a maximum lifting capacity of 34,000 tons.
Global dumping platform dismantling market there is a vast business opportunities, the Gulf of Mexico, Beihai, Southeast Asia, Brazil and other important offshore oil field has entered the intensive platform for waste. TML as a major technology for the installation and dismantling of fixed oil platform at sea, compared with the traditional dismantling technology, with security, economy, high efficiency, wide application and other advantages. Over the next few decades, the world has more than 10 million metric tons of potential market, the dismantling of abandoned platforms become the future trend of marine development.
Shandong Haitou is approved by the Shandong provincial government, the provincial SASAC supervision, the first domestic marine economy as the focus of investment in large state-owned enterprises, located in Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, the core investment and financing platform, marine technology incubator and technology Transformation platform, the marine industry consolidation platform, the main business involving modern marine transport logistics, marine oilfield services, financial investment, inland river port investment operations and other fields. Its Shandong Marine Co., Ltd. has been listed on the new board, the fleet ranks third in the country. Among them, LPG fleet ranks fourth in the world, the first in the country. Shandong Haigong is a subsidiary of Shandong Haitong Investment Co., Ltd., focusing on high-end marine engineering equipment. It is wholly owned by Northern Drilling Company in Houston, USA, and formed SDML Company to implement TML project. In the downturn in the oil market, Shandong and Shanghai to work together to focus on Raffles market generally optimistic about the dismantling of offshore oil platform dismantling work, powerful combination, hand in hand to enter the maritime dismantling market.
"TML is the most advanced technology and equipment in the field of ocean engineering, and it contains the advanced scientific and technological content, which represents the future direction of the development of the marine industry." CIMC Raffles Corporation has a good reputation and strong strength, "said Bao Jianying, Chairman of Shandong Haitou Group. , Has the world's leading maritime construction technology, experienced team of excellent work, strict quality control mechanism.TML investment in construction, help to promote the shipbuilding industry, high-end equipment manufacturing transformation and upgrading to enhance our province's industrial economy comprehensive competitiveness, To create a blue new economic development advantages.
TML project is CIMC Raffles deep plowing marine industry is another major achievement, but also CIMC Raffles following the consolidation of offshore drilling, support platform business, opened up another new business areas, enriching the product type, a milestone. CIMC Raffles President Wang Jianzhong said: "Shandong TEDA and CIMC Raffles are the leading enterprises in Shandong marine economy. TML project is a forward-looking decision of Shandong Haitou, which is the fruit of the development of marine economy in Shandong, Shandong marine enterprises to the global market of new business cards. We will make every effort to uphold the 'integrity-based, customer first' philosophy ... ... View Original: http://mp.weixin.qq.com/s? __biz = MjM5MzM4MDI4MQ == & mid = 2448533778 & idx = 5 & sn = 8b4d6a5ddc1546d1ae53c59b247e2374 & chksm = b292ebc485e562d2a4fde87af26e73ebe6e7b65bfdad16b700ec39b81f3b74033e42af110b52 & mpshare = 1 & scene = 23 & srcid = 111814alL2CkZoUhXOCaMj4D # rd
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