Crab scarce lead to double the market price of Shanghai local crab budding

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According to "Labor Daily" reported that crabs since the market, sales of exactly how? Reporters visited the market found that subject to many factors, the sales of hairy crab this year there has been a significant decline. The large number of rare crabs, prices or even doubled. At the same time, with the development of aquaculture technology to "Chongming water crabs" as the representative of the local crab strong performance, become a force within the industry.


Large-size crab small price high


Tianshan West Road in Changning District, a farms, the reporter saw in the aquatic area, nearly Qi Cheng booths are selling crabs. Crabs in accordance with the size of the specifications are placed in different glass barrels, the only valuation. The bigger the head, the higher the price. According to business description, the male crab is divided into five grades, four or two of the highest price, priced at 50 yuan each, the smallest head of a file each 18 yuan; female crab is divided into four grades, the highest Price of 30 yuan each. Reporter noted that the vast majority of sales in the stalls are Taihu Lake crabs, and Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs accounted for less than two percent.


"Buy four, are male crab, female do not, help me to pick big point!" Aunt is a crab. Speaking of crabs this year's sales, the majority of stall holders are waved, signaled as in previous years. "Taihu Lake crab than Yangcheng Lake sell well, but this year's crab head is not." A female stall owner said, from the glass barrel, remove a "Taihu Need Crab King" to reporters, "the head In previous years, according to the small crab to sell, even if this year's big. "


Reporters learned that, due to the early part of the crab-producing areas suffered flooding, coupled with the South between July and August continued high temperatures, resulting in smaller crabs this year, head, yield lower than last year. Therefore, the industry is widely expected this year, crabs will be a "little".


Li Crab Zhuang Yu boss told reporters that the overall sales of crab this year, even worse than expected. "The original is expected to shrink 20% compared to last year, but to the present is almost 30% less." In addition, the small number of crabs, but also contrary to his expectations. "Crab production is also less than 30% last year." Yu said the boss, the scarcity of crabs, a direct result of double the price to a 4 two crabs, for example, this year to eat a money, enough to buy two last year .


The local crab market is getting better and better


"This year the water crab yield, density, so selling is much better than last year!" Chongming water crab large Dong Huichun told reporters that this year the average sales of water crab can reach 200 pounds per day level, Want to sell 100 pounds are difficult.


Once, Chongming local crab size smaller, so there are "black small crab" or "old hair crabs," said. "In recent years, our farming technology greatly improved, the local crab in the market's reputation is getting better and better." Dong Huichun told reporters, with water optimization, culture environment, especially farming technology improvement, not only Chongming, even Jinshan Local crabs also began to emerge.


Dong Huichun told reporters, now a 4 5 5 water crab prices basically maintained at 230 yuan. Due to the market scarcity of large crabs, this year the size of the water crabs considerable price. Dong Huichun said, water crab grease plump, delicious meat. "And the water crab matured later, so next year before the Spring Festival, are the best reward period." Dong Huichun said.


Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan shipments fell


Recently, the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Food Safety Center announced in late September in the market sampling of 5 batches of 12 batches of crabs samples and found that two samples of dioxin content exceeded the standard sample from Jiangsu Province, two aquaculture farms. However, the city of Shanghai sales of crabs, the investigation does not exist excessive drug situation.


Market participants said that, in fact, hairy crabs detected dioxin levels exceeded, it does not mean that the crabs on the toxic. According to the Hong Kong Food Safety Center, the level of dioxins in the samples concerned was low and the occasional short-term intake was high, which did not affect health. In a crab, crab, crab paste containing dioxin content higher than crab meat.


"This thing is exposed, we do foreign trade is a certain influence." Yu boss told reporters that the general export of crabs, preferred quality of the big crab, and "dioxin" event or cause the mainland to Hong Kong, Macao and other regions Of the ... ... View the original:

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