Tilapia industry chain funds increased pressure

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Time close to the end of November, Hainan tilapia farming autumn seedlings near the end of the season, and in previous years, this year's Hainan tilapia autumn seedlings can be put into use "abnormal dull" to describe, according to Miao rate reflects this year's selling seedlings More scattered, focused on the phenomenon of buying is no longer occur, the breeding density is also a new low.


"At present, not only fry market flat, the island's tilapia industry is very light." Hainan days of fisheries Aquatic Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager Liu Zhili introduction, the current day tilapia tilapia fish prices in the 0.13-0.14 yuan / , Down this year, the company expects the whole sales of about 1.2-1.3 million seedlings in the tail, spray more than 6000 million tail. "The industry downturn, our goal will not be too high, can be decent on the line," Liu Zhili told reporters that the tilapia fry enterprises, hold this mentality of the estimated number of people each year in accordance with seasonal production, to stabilize a Basic sales even if you can.


"Now the price of fish is not good, and continued for more than two years, farmers grievances relatively large." Wenchang in Hainan, a feed salesman told reporters on November 17 the same day, Hainan Wenchang region Tilapia Tangtou price 4.3-4.4 yuan / kg, in accordance with the full feeding of the farming methods, the price is basically no profit, and in the near future, Hainan tilapia feed there was a price increase, but fish prices and no corresponding rise, so the current Many farmers on the feed, cast seedlings are lack of enthusiasm.


"From the current situation, next year estimates will not be much improvement." Wenchang Hainan Tilapia Aquaculture Association President Chen Jiankang told reporters that the current investment in autumn has been basically over, the breeding density greatly reduced, in the past Quotes Good time, many farmers have invested more than 3000 / mu, and some even reach 5000 / mu, this year is generally located in the 2000-2500 / mu level.


Hainan, a senior local industry sources, the current lack of capital industry as a whole, breeders owed dealers money, dealers also owed money to the feed mill, because in Hainan, the processing plant is relatively large amount of feed in the distribution After the sale of fish, the processing plant to pay the account period, but also after deducting feed money, leaving part of the funds as the next supply of feed production use. This cycle, the whole industry in Hainan tilapia are facing great financial pressure.


It is understood that the two days have been notified of the processing plant in Hainan, 21 (Monday) the purchase price will be reduced 0.1 yuan / kg, is expected to most of the island will be unified adjustment of the purchase price of processing plants. And by the Chinese tilapia ... ... View Original: http://www.zgsc123.com/show-109-136833-1.htmlhttp://www.zgsc123.com/show-109-136833-1.html

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