Lily Biological Exhibition The 40th Guangdong International Beauty Expo

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March 9-11, 2014, the 40th session of the Guangdong International Beauty Fair has come to an end; the elite of the exhibition attracted a total of domestic and from Asia, Europe, America, Oceania and other countries and regions exhibitors. During the exhibition, a series of academic and commercial activities and high-end forums were held to cover topics such as beauty, hairdressing, spa and packaging. Experts, scholars and industry experts were invited to share the latest technology, market and trends. Information.

Lily biological as a pilot health products production, research and development of enterprises, exhibitors at the 40th Guangdong International Beauty Fair. In the health museum exhibition area to build a 36 square meters of large booth, and strive to show the full range of the company's rich product line, strong production strength, strong R & D testing capabilities.

Lily biological exhibition products rich and comprehensive, including health food, skin beauty products, topical skin care. In addition to this exhibition, lily biological also brought three new research and development of the skin products: conjugated linoleic acid green tea carnitine soft capsules, rose tablets, cured chloasma soft capsule, skin products research and development uphold Oriental balance beauty philosophy , The natural energy source, the use of marine conservation of the surgery, coordination within the transfer, return to the initial natural beauty; its "natural to develop a healthy beauty," the idea favored by many professionals.

Lily Kang brand of conjugated linoleic acid green tea carnitine soft capsules

Features: This product is extracted from natural plants, more natural, safe and efficient decomposition of body fat burning, can convert their own fat into lean meat, part of excess fat excreted with the body in vitro, long-term weight control.

Suitable crowd: Want to lose weight, reduce adipose tissue and adjust the proportion of weight, weight control, weight loss failed many times, easy to rebound in the crowd.

Not suitable for the crowd: children, pregnant and lactating women

Product specifications: 750 mg / tablets × 100 tablets

Dosage: 2 times a day, 2 capsules, orally

Rose tablets (cured chloasma)

Product Features: It is made of many precious traditional Chinese medicines. It contains no hormones and antibiotics. It can increase natural vitamin E, improve skin's anti-oxidation and anti-radiation ability, inhibit melanin production, improve blood circulation function and promote skin nutrition. Transportation and metabolism of waste excretion, dilute the stain, whitening skin.

For the crowd: the need for skin whitening, skin elasticity, office workers have long been subjected to geomagnetic radiation, endocrine disorders, dry skin, dim women.

Not suitable for the crowd: children, pregnant women, menorrhagia

Product specifications: 750mg / piece × 100 tablets

Dosage: 2 times a day, 2 capsules, orally

Lily Kang brand cured chloasma soft capsules

Product Features: This product is based on Angelica extract (irradiated), Salvia extract (by irradiation), pearl powder (irradiated), sheep placenta freeze-dried powder (irradiated), natural vitamin E (d- Α-tocopherol), soybean oil, beeswax, gelatin, glycerin, brown iron oxide, purified water as the main raw material of health food products, functional test by the human body test proved to have cured chloasma health function.

Per 100g contains: ferulic acid 40.0mg, tanshinone Ⅱ A 0.10g, vitamin E 1.35g

Suitable crowd: those with chloasma.

Not suitable for the crowd: children, pregnant women, nurse

Product specifications: 500mg / 60 tablets

2 times a day, each 3, oral

Lily people in the "all for health," the core concept of enterprise, unity, dedication, the spirit of innovation, cautious scientific attitude and strict production management, continuous research and development, manufacturing, scientific and safe health food products, to build world-class health care Production plant, to create a human health food for human health to contribute to the cause.

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