Head of sea oyster landing Qingdao, Shandong, a fishing day harvest 5000 kg

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Oyster, also known as oysters, as early as the Song Dynasty in China began to fishermen. Autumn and winter alternation season, it is the head of sea oyster sub-concentrated ashore, the island city of seafood on the market began to multiply the local oyster. At noon yesterday, taking advantage of low tide, fishermen are busy fishing boats on the sea oysters shipped ashore. On that day, tens of thousands of kilograms of fresh sea oyster was sent to the market, become the public on the winter table delicious. Reporters on the scene to see, in Jimo Aoshan Wei street god soup ditch village, fishing boats every day harvest more than 10 kilograms of sea oyster. The Qingdao coastal oyster harvest, will continue until May next year.

A fishing day harvest 5000 kg
Located in Aoshan Bay, Jimo Aoshan Wei street god soup village, from the Qing Dynasty has a tradition of farming oyster, but then the size of the breeding area is not large, mainly by harvesting wild oyster sub-based, until After the liberation, with the lack of marine resources, fishermen began to large areas of marine oyster farming, and now has become the main mariculture industry.
"Head of sea oyster, these days began to land, and a few days will be more harvest." Yesterday, more than 4 am, God soup ditch 10 fishing boats from the fishing village pier, half an hour later, the respective Came to the sea oyster farming area, began to pull the sea level floating on a root farming rope, harvested from the natural growth in the sea more than four months of sea oyster. French fishermen introduced in the past few days, although the temperature is not low, but the sea is unusually cold, with the sea breeze, wearing thick cotton coat to block the cold. Harvested oyster is a very tired work, 3 individuals together, at sea busy for several hours, can pull back about 5000 jin of oyster. Rush in the ebb before returning to the terminal, such as ebb tide, then tricycle to the fishing boat next to the sea oyster transported to the shore. After cleaning, sorting, packaging, thousands of pounds of sea oyster can be shipped to the market.
Delicious oyster meat sold 15 yuan per catty
"Oyster after landing, is divided into two ways to sell. One is the shell, a processed oyster meat." In the fishermen Feng Bingxue stood just stood at the door of a sea oyster, Sister-in-law with several fishing tools are stripping oyster shells, remove the oyster meat after packaging. Lao Feng introduced, he was responsible for the sorting of oysters of different sizes, pick out some of the big sale, the oyster meat was removed, most of the hotel has been booked. Oyster shell with the shell a little more than 1 yuan wholesale, while the pure oyster meat wholesale price of 12 yuan per catty, get the retail market at least 15 yuan a pound.
In addition to the god soup ditch wharf, in the fengjiahe and seven ditches and other fishing village pier, there are landed sea oyster son. The fishermen said that from July each year after the seedlings, the natural growth in the sea for several months began to mature sea oysters. This time to the Spring Festival, are the most plump oyster season. Lao Feng has more than 20 years of breeding experience, said the choice of plump oyster is very particular about the sea oyster to see the color, white and bulging, the sea oyster meat is more fat, if the color looks blue, To thin some. In winter, the oyster seashore along Qingdao coast will enter the harvest season. The quality of water, rich minerals and suitable water temperature will provide the unique natural conditions for oyster farming.
Oyster natural growth without feeding
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