Fujian Longyan City, "eight treasure, eight fresh" industrial cultivation has yielded fruitful results

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This year, has prepared the western Fujian "eight treasure" "eight fresh" industry master plan. The introduction of the development of special industries to support policies, organize the implementation of a number of industrial development projects, Minxi "eight treasure" and "eight fresh" industry is entering a rapid development channel. At the same time actively organize the western Fujian "eight treasure, eight fresh" products to participate in "Beijing agricultural fair", Malaysia "international food and beverage exhibition", China international agricultural products fair, improve product visibility and influence. Longping salty peanut 1.2 million mu, 27.7 million mu of camellia oil cultivation area; Wuping Anemone cultivation area of ​​16.2 acres, with a total area of ​​15,000 mu, Guanzishan Mountain Dendrobium facilities area of ​​650 acres, 2350 acres of forest area. Hangzhou late honey pomelo 0.5 acres. Heshan pig breeding column size of 502 million feathers; Liancheng white duck slaughter 2 million feathers; Tongxian rabbits slaughter 971,000, Longyan honey annual output of 1214 tons. Zhangping hairy crab ... ... View the original: http://www.shuichan.cc/news_view-303051.htmlhttp://www.shuichan.cc/news_view-303051.html

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