The fisherman caught a strange fish - the fish

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November 15, Shangtang a fisherman will not see four fish Yongjia County Bureau of Agriculture to identify, one of the side and ordinary fish little difference, slim, front flat, back gradually acuminate, gradually into Cylindrical, gray-black body, but the back is relatively straight, abdomen into the arc-shaped, lower jaw than the upper jaw, more strange is the head and back there is a large sucker, and ordinary fish back and abdomen features the opposite, Fish for the fish, is a perch-shaped subfamily 䲟 䲟 䲟. Fish swimming ability is poor, mainly by the head of the suction cup attached to the swimming ability of the big sharks, turtles, whales abdomen or bottom, and even swim the body, travel around the world, is a typical free traveler. To the bait-rich places, fish will automatically leave it "take the free boat" meal meal. And then find a new "boat" to continue free travel. Why the fish have such a great ability? It turned out that the first dorsal fin fish evolved into a sucker, it will use the suction cup adsorption on an object. In this case,


   In addition to the other three fish are four fingers, mackerel, money fish, cuspidata kiss (pronunciation la), are marine fish, is also unusual fish, respectively, from the Nanxi River and Oujiang interchange and Nanxi River Downstream capture; five water governance after ... ... View Original: http: //

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