Jiangsu Nantong: Ocean has become a new economic growth point of innovation and development

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南通 海洋

  November 16, Jiangsu Nantong, such as Dongyang Port fishermen in the darn nets. In recent years, Jiangsu Nantong efforts to promote the coastal wind power industry, marine high-end equipment industry, marine biological industry to high-end forward, build modern fisheries industry system, and green transition. At present, the marine innovation economy has become the third largest economic industry and innovation and development of Nantong, Nantong was identified as "the first batch of marine economic innovation and development model city". Xinhua News Agency issued (Lee Cun root photo)

南通 海洋

  November 16, Jiangsu Nantong MSC Marine Fisheries Bureau staff on the beach mapping. Xinhua News Agency issued (Lee Cun root photo) ... ... View Original:


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