This piece of diffuse fishy smell of the noise of the district is the Xiamen people most local landmark memory

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    Xiamen city has been filled with leisure and literature and art of "small fresh culture," said. Low-key pragmatic Xiamen people will slowly become a unique city of the label, the rush of visitors will Gulangyu Building Museum as a microcosm of the city life. Today, we want to introduce Xiamen, is hidden in the "seafood warehouse" in Xiamen, is the smoke of fire and gas in the city of Xiamen.


    Gourmets Chen Xiaoqing said, all do not visit the vegetable market of urban tourism, equivalent to not to marry for the purpose of love. Market is a city where the character, the local people's tastes and emotions all in it. Want to learn more about a city's marketplace and daily, probably no more natural than the vegetable market to decorate the place.


    Seafood is essential for people on the table in Xiamen, Xiamen, where the local people ask where to buy seafood, in all likelihood will mention the "eight cities." "Eight City," the full name is the eighth market in Xiamen, Xiamen is the old nine markets in the remaining one of the two markets, is now the largest old market in Xiamen, carrying many old Xiamen nostalgia memories.


    It is with the visitors of the Xiamen Ferry Terminal, separated by a road, including two markets, one from the Kaihe intersection to the Kaiyuan junction of the "open Wo market", the second is often referred to as "eight city field" Ten "-shaped business-ping market, that is the real eighth market. This block is one of the oldest area of ​​Xiamen, eight city in the criss-cross the streets of the old alley, near the distribution of the gossip courtyard, nine lanes, 11, the river dry, iron Street, which is full of Xiamen flavor Of the old Lane.


    An important entrance of the eight city, located in Xiamen, one of the earliest existing church near the Chapel. One side is noisy noisy place of the marketplace, while the world is an independent religious region, but not affect each other, inclusive, an old market entrance, Xiamen is a microcosm of the character.

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    Eight city is located in the old city, building to the unique color of the southern Taiwan-based arcade, two, three-storey high arcade continuous mottled walls and old wooden windows tell the ancient texture of the city. From the twenties and thirties of last century, here is Xiamen "the most fresh and cheap" seafood distribution center. More than 30 years ago, eight city began its heyday, because of free trade, fishing technology and transport conditions, the market by the seaside to enrich the fresh fish to meet the people of Xiamen seafood complex.




    Today, Xiamen is still the most important "seafood warehouse", where the fish and shellfish and other aquatic products, each season has its own special seafood supply, as long as the season right, always here to find the freshest Of the sea. Eight city as a collection of activities of aquatic products rich museum, even if the knowledgeable chef, it is difficult to market all fish and shellfish one by one recognition.




    Every weekend party or ritual activities, always eight city of the most lively time. Knowledgeable locals are always here early in the morning, picking fresh wild seafood, home simple boil or steamed, to retain the flavor of the ingredients, is the most sincere way of hospitality. Talking, talking about the day in the eight city "snapped up" to what the sharp cargo, but also look of a sense of accomplishment.

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     As with other markets, every morning is the busiest time of the eight cities, with the narrow streets crowded with vendors and locals picking up the goods. Stone on the road filled with large and small colors of different washbasin and foam box, inside full of fresh fish, in the basin Culu Lulu to spit angry. The air is full of pungent fishy smell, bargaining sound, crossing the cries of bustling.

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     Seafood is the most common seafood in the market, and there are also the northern part of the sea. In addition, there are also seafood, Sea turtles, tiger sharks produced in the Taiwan Strait, and so some Xiamen people do not eat seafood, snakes, turtles, and even crocodiles can be found here.




     Old Xiamen people on the fish's name comes from the transliteration of Minnan pronunciation, do not worry, carrying a basket of enthusiastic grandmother will use a cordial Minnan accent, tell you what kind of fish for what kind of cooking, is the soup or soy sauce Water, should be braised or steamed.

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    After the lively morning market, traders will sit down and take a breather, in the arcade can shelter from the "five foot base" under the smoke, and the twos and threes to the late neighborhood words homemade, and occasionally greeted the picking over the regular customers . Near noon, there are early get off work off the guest, on the way to buy some seafood to go home to prepare lunch, the morning time so long in the past.




    If not for the purchase of aquatic products from the afternoon is the best time to visit eight cities. Under the setting sun, the crowd less noise, vendors have no intention to shout, fish uphold the breath, sometimes passing bicycle ring or nearby bell tower bell sounded, and then this piece of vegetable market has become quiet and quiet look. If suddenly think of buying seafood but not very knowledgeable, as long as the boss said that you want the taste and feel, they will recommend a satisfactory seafood.




    In addition to seafood, the eight cities are vegetables, fruits, small department stores and snacks street vendors, full of local arrangement in the narrow streets and arcades. Delicious dry goods and hand-beaten fish balls is the most distinctive eight city hand in hand, street snacks, frozen bamboo shoots and boiled octopus, Xiamen is a local flavor of the best choice.

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     Many locals visiting the morning market will be the way to solve the breakfast here, eight cities have become a gathering place for food, some tourists here not to buy seafood, just to find a bowl of duck meat porridge, a Sha Cha Mian, Or a spring roll.




     In addition, here also can see such as bamboo leaves into the hats, bamboo basket, and so full of ancient flavor of the Taiwanese traditional utensils. In eight cities, all nostalgia is not deliberately preached, but with the modern life parallel to another slow life expression, it exists in the old Xiamen night and day. ... ... View Original:

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