"China 's marine ecological culture" to write the basic completion of high - level experts will be held demonstration

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November 10, organized by the China Ecological Culture Association, "" China's marine ecological culture, "the results of high-level expert demonstration will be held in Beijing. More than twenty high-level experts in various fields of the "Chinese marine ecological culture" manuscript (draft) for analysis and argument, to improve the views.


Vice Chairman of the Eleventh CPPCC National Committee, Chairman of the China Federation of literary and art circles, the Chinese Ecological Culture Association, honorary president of Sun Jiazheng presided over the demonstration. Sun Jiazheng introduced that the Chinese Ecological Culture Association, together with the State Oceanic Administration and the Committee of Population Resources and Environment of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), formed the Chinese Ecological Culture Association, the State Oceanic Administration, Ocean University of China, Shanghai Ocean University, Fuzhou University, Xiamen University and Huaqiao University. Team, carried out the "Chinese marine ecological culture" monograph writing. After more than two years, to October 2016, the book is basically completed, the formation of the "Chinese marine ecological culture" manuscript (draft). He said that this is a based on the natural sciences, at the same time expounded the concept of our work of humanities.


Jiang Zaihui, vice chairman of the Committee of Population, Resources and Environment of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC), and president of the Chinese Association for Eco-cultural Affairs, made a general report on China's marine ecological culture. She introduced, "Chinese marine ecological culture" whole book 4 series 21 chapters 96. It is divided into: introduction, the first series of Chinese marine and marine ecological culture overview, the second series of Chinese marine ecological culture development of traditional wisdom, the third series of contemporary Chinese marine ecological culture development status, fourth series of China marine ecological culture development strategy Five parts.


Jiang Zehui pointed out that today's China, promoting marine ecological and cultural construction is urgent and important. In the 21st century, China must protect China's sea-blue land and take part in international cooperation. It will promote the construction of marine ecological culture and the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation's maritime power strategy closely based on national conditions, look at the international, the overall situation, land and sea Planning, from a wider range and wider vision to plan the development of marine economy, safeguard the rights and interests of the sea, the protection of marine ecological resources. In the global "marine countries", play a marine ecological cultural development and marine ecological civilization construction advocate, leader, dominant power, power role. Strengthen the international discourse rights and soft power construction of China's marine ecological and cultural development concept, and strive to realize the coordinated development of China's marine harmonious society and the world's maritime peace and order. To build the marine world of new powers relations and cooperation mechanisms, speed up the "Ocean Basic Law of China" legislative process, safeguard the national marine rights and ecological security, build and share the world's marine peace.


The former State Press and Publication Administration of Radio, Deputy Secretary Wu Shulin at the demonstration meeting, he said, "China's marine ecological culture" is a history of heavy, rich in content, comb thorough good books. He suggested that the "China from the once glorious oceanic powers, to modern times greatly backward, to now rise again" this argument in the book more clearly stressed out.


Zhou Mingwei, director of China Foreign Languages ​​Bureau and vice president of China Ecological Culture Association, believes that the "marine ecological culture of China" will improve the establishment of disciplines and the cultivation of future marine cultural and civilized talents, especially the 21st century maritime Silk Road and the next strategy. Formation will play an important role. He suggested that the layout of the system in the book should be made to further coordinate the adjustment.


Sun Shuxian, deputy director of the State Oceanic Administration, said, "China's marine ecological culture" is very rich in content and high quality. He suggested that the five development concepts in the ocean and China's deep ocean of the decision-making in the book devoted to elaborate.


More than twenty experts attending the meeting submitted their own proposals for the manuscript. From the "Chinese marine ecological culture" team of the Chinese ecological culture association team leader Wang Xuan expressed their thanks to the experts, she said, will be with the preparation of the team leader and creative staff to absorb these recommendations one by one, the manuscript To modify, so that this book to further improve.

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