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In October, nearly 5% of Chinese tourists went to Thailand to prepare for the promotion activities

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According to the Thai "Siam Daily News" reported that the Thai government to clear the follow-up impact of zero yuan tour, travel to Thailand in October to 10.8 million Chinese tourists, down 47% compared to last year, tourism industry ready to promote activities, boost New Year 's Day and the Spring Festival tourism atmosphere.


Thai Tourism Association, Chad can be pointed out to the reporter, the government remediation zero yuan tour policy impact on tourism in October is very obvious, it must quickly clarify the truth to the Chinese tourists. However, although the Chinese tourists scheduled for November-December to pick up in Thailand, but the Thai people are mourning for the death of the King of Thailand, there is no joy, causing some Chinese tourists doubts in some areas and discouraged.


At first glance, the association is ready to promote, so that Chinese tourists understand the situation in Thailand, especially during the national mourning tourism atmosphere, expect Chinese tourists will pick up in December, and continued to next year ... ... View Original: http: // go. Huanqiu.com/news/tourism/2016-11/9659728.html

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