2016 China Haibo will be opened at the end of November

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As an economic and trade platform for the construction of "all the way along the way", China's annual marine economic and trade event, 2016 China Ocean Economy Expo will be held from November 24 to 27 in Zhanjiang Olympic Sports Center. At the appointed time, government officials, experts and scholars, business leaders, professional buyers, marine creators and media reporters from domestic and overseas marine industry circles will gather Zhanjiang, the 21st century maritime Silk Road strategic fulcrum city, Sharing Haibo event, sharing the development of the unlimited opportunities for cooperation and development.


China Ocean Economy Expo is China's only comprehensive marine exhibition, international trade show, known as the first exhibition of China's marine, designed to serve China's implementation of "along the way" construction, and promote domestic and foreign Marine economic exchanges and cooperation and development. The first China Haibo will be held in Guangzhou in 2012, from 2014 onwards, China Haibo will be held annually, the site will be permanently settled in Zhanjiang City, Guangdong Province. Zhanjiang successfully held two China Haibo, won the national and provincial fully affirmed by domestic and foreign exhibitors, buyers and guests of the wide acclaim, 2015 Haibo China won the "China's top ten characteristics of the exhibition," the title became China's fastest-growing one of the exhibition.


2016 China Haibo will take the theme of "Green Innovation and Open Cooperation", organized by specialization, marketization and internationalization, with an exhibition area of ​​more than 100,000 square meters. It will set up international pavilions, national pavilions, industrial pavilions, Marine technology, marine fishery, biomedicine, port logistics, marine environmental protection, marine cultural tourism and other new technologies and new products, innovation and display of marine science and technology, tourism and cultural areas, commodity exhibition areas, and so on, focusing on marine energy, marine equipment, Marine + creative, marine + finance, marine + tourism and other cross-border integration of marine industry new format, showing the 21st century maritime Silk Road construction and marine scientific and technological innovation of the latest results. At the same time, held forums such as marine economy, marine energy, marine equipment, marine technology, marine fishery, port logistics, marine culture and tourism, held cooperation talks, investment seminars, new product launches, new technology promotion, tourism promotion , Project inspection, etc., to carry out trade and tourism exchanges and cooperation activities, will also organize the South China Sea Valley creative exhibition, project roadshow, marine creative, creative results contest, creative forum for exchange, creative results release.


At present, 2016 China Haibo preparatory work is progressing smoothly, domestic and foreign investment is in an orderly manner. Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and other countries have decided to exhibitors, Guodian Tou, Thailand Chia Tai Group, a large number of well-known enterprises, overseas enterprises involved in the sea, scientific research institutions, industry associations exhibitors. Expected 2016 China Haibo will be larger, more international, more active economic and trade activities.

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