Vice Mayor of Yantai Municipal Government Zhang Dailing made a visit to Orient Ocean Precision Medical Industry

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On the afternoon of July 11 (Monday), Deputy Mayor of Yantai Municipal Government, accompanied by Mr. Li Wei, Director of Yantai Food and Drug Administration, visited Dongfang Oceans. The research group focused on the precision medical mass spectrometry Workshop, national seaweed and sea cucumber Engineering Technology Research Center laboratory, the company chairman Che Shi, deputy general manager Yu Chunsong, executive director of the health department Che Zhiyuan, vice president Zhang Lei, accompanied the study tour.

    Zhang Dailing, vice mayor and his entourage first visited the precision of the medical mass spectrometry workshop, large health division chief executive Che Zhiyuan on the development of the company accurate medical industry made a brief report, he said, around the country proposed the 21st century maritime Silk Road Strategic deployment, in the bigger and stronger on the basis of the original marine industry, focusing on accelerating the company in precision medical market industrial layout, the use of listed companies in the capital market financing advantages, through the non-public offering, the successful acquisition of the United States Avioq Vicker), the company developed the sixth generation of HIV-1 reagents and HTLV-I / II reagent testing technology in the international leading position, respectively, the US FDA certification and the Canadian Ministry of Health approval, and has submitted PCT patent applications, The next 20 years for the world's only sixth-generation HIV diagnostic reagents, HIV reagents also include dry blood testing and saliva testing products, the main customers for public health organizations, independent laboratories. In addition, in the domestic precision medical market investment in the establishment of Iveco Biotechnology Co., Ltd., Mass Spectrometry Technology Co., Ltd., precision gene Technology Co., Ltd., and has made two and three types of in vitro diagnostic reagents business license for the company Creating a new profit growth point.

During the visit to the national seaweed and sea cucumber Engineering Technology Research Center laboratory, the car chairman Shi briefed the company's technological innovation. Oriental Ocean's scientific and technological innovation work has always been in the forefront of the same industry in the seaweed conservation, breeding and seed breeding, with the domestic first-class large-scale seaweed germplasm bank, has cultivated five national kelp new varieties, completed Genome sequencing of the kelp, the establishment of the genome sequence information platform. The cultivation of kelp seed 1.2 billion, to promote new varieties of kelp farming area of ​​domestic kelp can be cultured area of ​​more than 80%. Now has national seaweed and sea cucumber Engineering Technology Research Center, and other national and provincial-level scientific research platform, scientific research facilities and innovation capabilities have reached the domestic and even international advanced level.

    In the conference room, the research group watched the company's feature films, chairman of Che Shi briefly introduced the company's development process, he said, Shandong Orient Ocean Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, by the Shandong Orient Ocean Group Co., Ltd. (SZ: 002086), after several years of development, the company's main business is divided into two major sectors of the marine industry and health industry plate. The company adhere to the market-oriented, to improve efficiency as the center, science and technology as the driving force, the two-wheel drive, innovation and development, and promote the steady growth of co-ordination to promote the development of the national economy, Adjust the structure, promote reform, strong party building, so that the economic development of a steady, steady and quality, stability and efficiency. In the development process, the strict implementation of standardized production and management, has been registered through the European Union more than 10 health system certification, aquatic products processing and export capacity has always been in the forefront of the domestic industry, processing dozens of aquatic products have been sold to the world more than Countries and regions. Relying on the rich resources, the research and development of sea cucumber peptide, collagen peptide, collagen and other marine functional series of marine products, has become a high value-added profit growth pole. In the kelp conservation, breeding and seed breeding, marine ranch construction, Atlantic salmon and other valuable industrial fish farming, the development of recreational fisheries, etc., respectively, to establish a complete industrial system.

    Orient Ocean, said the company in the future development, continue to optimize the industrial layout, to achieve dual-wheel drive, innovation and development, and actively facing the country, the world, to seek comprehensive strategic cooperation partners, in the complementary advantages, mutual benefit and win-win principle, Innovation, coordination, green, open, sharing the development of ideas, and gradually achieve a first-class brand, build first-class enterprise goals.

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