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China 's good tourist: Seamless travel fine start

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To a place to travel, as you have not been there, do not leave any traces - this is the travel of people Xu Tieren initiative "Seamless Travel." As a travel enthusiast, Xu Tieren have been to more than 50 countries and regions, the road has been practicing and passing "Seamless Tourism" approach.


"Seamless tourism" the most basic level is not litter, do not spit. The second level is not leaving traces of sound, such as in museums, cars, restaurants and other indoor and outdoor public places, to whisper.


Xu Tie Ren said that in the museum, others are watching the exhibition, if tourists speak loudly, then call, voice chat, affect others, is the "mark".




"Seamless Tourism" third level requirements are relatively high, for example, after the use of public toilets can consciously clean up, stay in the hotel to do a simple garbage clean-up.


"Civilization tourism is reflected in the journey of various details." Xu Tie said, visitors reflect the words and deeds of national quality, on behalf of the national image, is a national level of civilization ... ... View Original: http://go.huanqiu.com/news /tourism/2016-11/9623981.html

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