National University Students Marine Knowledge Contest TV Finals was held

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November 4, the Ninth National Marine Knowledge Contest TV students finals held in Xiamen. A total of 10 national first prize, which, the Navy Dalian Naval Academy Liu Zhengkai won the "Antarctic Award", Xiamen University Hu Juntong won the "Arctic Award", Dalian Naval Academy Luo Haibo won the "Ocean Award", they will Follow the relevant scientific expedition team to the Antarctic, the Arctic and the ocean for scientific investigation. Lin Shanqing, member of the Leading Party Group of the State Oceanic Administration, attended the event and presented prizes to some of the winners.

Since the start of the National Marine Knowledge Contest for Undergraduates since June, tens of thousands of athletes from all over the country have participated in the preliminary rounds through individual competition, school registration, local organizations, and naval academy recommendation. 40 players from the stand out in Xiamen for the semi-finals. After intense competition, the final 10 players to participate in the TV finals tickets.

It is reported that the national marine knowledge contest by the State Oceanic Administration, the Communist Youth League Central Committee, Naval Political Work Department co-sponsored by the State Oceanic Administration publicity and education center. The competition is centered on the theme of "Learning to Love the Ocean", which aims to make more students understand the ocean, understand the ocean and love the ocean through the form of marine knowledge contest. Meanwhile, it attracts the whole society to pay more attention to the oceans, scientifically and rationally. Development and utilization of marine and marine protection. Different from the past, this course of the game, including the western inland areas, including a number of colleges and universities, nearly 30 colleges and universities nationwide school-level competition to expand the coverage and coverage of the game to enhance the influence.

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