The 4th China Perch Culture Festival was held in Fuding, Fujian

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Autumn to cool, sunny. October 30, the Fourth China Seabass Festival in the Chinese perch fishing village of Fuding City was held. The former director of the Chinese Fishery Association, the former director of the Department of Fisheries and Fishery Administration Zhao Xingwu, the Fujian Provincial Office of Ocean and Fisheries Li Gangsheng, Deputy Inspector Liu Changbiao, Ningde City Vice Mayor Huang Jianlong and other leaders of the province and outside marine fisheries experts, Home, fishing industry associations and other representatives of more than 300 people attended the opening ceremony. Opening ceremony by the Fujian Province Perch Industry Association, Fujian Min Wei Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman Fang Xiu presided over.


    Chairman of the Chinese Fisheries Association, Fujian Province, the perch industry association honorary chairman Zhao Xingwu at the opening ceremony. He pointed out that the Fujian side Xiushui keep the sea bass known throughout the country, Fujian Province has become an important industry. The 4th China Seabass Culture Festival has played an important role in shaping the image of Fujian Marine Strong Province, hoping that the development of the perch industry can be further enhanced through the holding of the perch culture festival.


    In the warm applause and cheers, Zhao Xingwu announced the opening of the Fourth China Seabass Culture Festival, with the Minwei logo bass style ice sculpture successfully launched, symbolizing the bass industry vibrant. Provincial Deputy Director of the Office of Ocean and Fisheries Li Gangsheng, deputy mayor of Ningde Huang Jianlong, Fuding Vice Mayor Chen Hui, respectively, at the meeting. The opening ceremony was held by the Min Wei Industrial Co., Ltd. Chairman Fang Xiu editor of "Chinese perch" publishing ceremony, Zhao Xingwu, Liu Changbiao and other leaders of the scene for the book signature. Hong Kong International Group Chairman Jiang Zhongcheng in the opening ceremony for the "marine fisheries how to enter the road of production and finance," the speech.


    Navy network security and information technology expert advisory committee director, famous military expert Major General Yin Zhuo was invited to attend the event, and for the guests for the "South China Sea strategy and economic trade" seminar. Major General Yin Zhuo deeply explained the background of the national strategy of "all the way along the way" as well as the major trend of the South China Sea situation and the basic position of China after the arbitration. He put forward the enterprise survival and development, wonderful report, and warm applause continuously. Interrupted.


    During the event, held a commodity trade signing ceremony, the organizers also organized the guests to visit the Chinese perch culture museum, watch theatrical performances.


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