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Significant discovery of the scientific community: Hainan there is a natural "anti-cancer virus", island health tour is expected to more fiery

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    Recently, Guangzhou Sun Yat-sen University, a study found shocked the scientific community, the medical profession.


     The team successfully isolated the natural virus "M1" from Hainan Island in China, and confirmed that it could effectively kill cancer cells including hepatocellular carcinoma, colorectal cancer, bladder cancer and melanoma in vitro, but had no toxic and side effects on normal cells. On October 7 this year in the international journal "the United States Academy of Sciences" published the latest research results.


All of a sudden, the global scientific community have expressed concern about its results, said the "M1 natural virus" is expected to become the latest human so far, the smallest anti-cancer drugs on human side effects.

The discovery of the scientific community is undoubtedly brought to the gospel of cancer patients, but also from the side to explain the reasons for the large population of Hainan longevity.


     All along, Hainan to high-quality air and unique health resources to attract the national holiday travel. To the provincial capital Haikou, for example, since February of this year, Haikou air quality and excellent rate has remained at 100%, 74 environmental monitoring cities in the country, long-term ranked first.


     Today, not only the purity of the air, cleanliness to maintain the national leader, even the natural existence of the "virus" have the effect of anti-cancer, more veritable proof of the "Health Island, longevity Island" status. The news of the outflow, will further stimulate the holiday heat of Hainan, tourism, heat, health heat.


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