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Hong Kong media: Chinese tourists in Italy to catch the sea urchin raw fish scare fisher

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According to Hong Kong, "Economic Daily" website on October 28 quoted in Taiwan TVBS reports, mainland tourists were exposed strange line. A group of mainland tourists recently in Italy five fishing village national park coast visit and found a large number of clear sea water sea urchin, some people actually jump directly into the sea fishing, and even aunt to take the scene to kill the stone, shell "raw" sea urchin meat . The presence of the Italians, see stunned.


Originally a pleasant little fishing village, a sudden burst of noise, a group of tourists in the East face surrounded by a circle, facing the clear sea of ​​water exclaimed, "There are sea urchins," "good fresh here!" They turned out to be Chinese mainland tourists, see the sea urchin, apart from anything else directly jumped into the sea to capture.


Side of the Italian fishermen want to stop, to the tour guide said that the sea urchin is too small, can not catch; but simply can not stop the power of aunt uncle who, one by one splash diving, picking up the sea urchin on the camera to take pictures, photo finished, From the stones, skilled to the sea urchin pounding "is killed."




Reported that these tourists are noisy, in situ to eat sea urchin "sashimi", the side of the Italians cast dissatisfied with the eyes, foreign tourists also stopped to watch, exaggerated behavior even fishermen are scared silly. Even users ... ... View Original: http://oversea.huanqiu.com/article/2016-10/9614055.html

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