Wang Shicheng Interpretation of "building the granary at sea"

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Qilu network reporter Qin Xia

    Reporter: Professor Wang Hello, you are the blue economic dialogue expert and economic adviser, has been broadcast in the name of more than a dozen blue video interview, the community response is very good, your expert comments played a finishing touch effect.

    Wang Shicheng: The video interview is the successful broadcast of the story of entrepreneurs to put their own development speaks loudly, is the Qilu network, marine wealth network planning director well.

    Reporter: According to the interview arrangement, the next video interview focused on marine pasture (marine granary) and artificial reef fishing business, you have long been engaged in marine and fishery work, is a nationally renowned blue economic experts, the current Shandong " Sea barn "building hot," fisherman fishing "brand is very loud, please combine the video interview with the focus of the contents of Shandong's" sea granary "construction to be read.

Please talk about the "sea granary" construction of the introduction of the causes and consequences

     Wang Shicheng: good. Only on the "sea granary" in terms of these words, is evolved from the land on the granary, and we have seen the TV drama "World Granary", this TV content is very rich, it profoundly reveals the "people to food" Since the founding of the "three rural issues" has also been a "national first document," the top priority, food security is the basis for national security, is the key to the issue of food safety is a major issue, Livelihood of the first class project. Since the founding of the PRC, in a very long period of time, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery, agriculture is the boss, fishing is the fifth, fishing placed in the dispensable position, the importance of aquatic products mainly in the "no fish" Height, there is no access to the "food" the concept of the concept of the impact of this land barren dozens of acres of ground level government intervention in the sea idle thousands of square kilometers of sea no one is interested. It can be said that from the fishing is the fifth to the "construction of Shandong Maritime Strategy" proposed to April 9, 2009 when President Hu Jintao put forward: "vigorously develop the marine economy, scientific use of marine resources, foster marine industries, create Shandong Peninsula Blue Economic Zone. "Today," the sea granary "into the planning, the time span of several decades. I think this is a major leap in the traditional concept of food. For this leap and transformation, several generations of marine workers have made important contributions.

      Reporter: Professor Wang, you can this period of important events to talk about it?

     Wang Shicheng: good. Shandong in the early eighties of last century, due to fisheries to eat the descendants of rice and the marine environment continues to deteriorate, the traditional fishing industry is facing great difficulties. There are more than 10 million square kilometers of offshore fishing ground in the peninsula, which is called "golden fishery", which has become a fishing phenomenon. The fishing boats of tens of thousands have stopped in Hong Kong for half a year, and more than 600,000 fishermen living in marine fishery have become problems. In this context, the domestic oceanic scholars from the eighties on the appeal to the proposed national and provincial government attaches great importance to the development and utilization of marine biological resources, China's marine science and technology has been presented in the early eighties academician of the concept of marine agriculture. Shandong Province in 1983, a small area of ​​shrimp Rhesus artificial proliferation experiment after the successful release, the provincial government to determine, in the southern coastal waters of the peninsula for a period of three years of large-scale release of artificial shrimp production experiment, a total of three years put in large-scale shrimp More than 20 million tail, back to catch the shrimp 5200 tons, 7.6 times before the launch. Input and output ratio of 1:10 or more. I am one of the main organizers of this developmental production experiment, which is mainly responsible for fishery management in the breeding area. Three years after the end of the trial, the Ministry of agriculture, animal husbandry and fishery held in Qingdao, on-site meeting, Lin Jinca Minister at the meeting spoke highly of Shandong and promote the proliferation and management experience. At this point, Shandong's marine fisheries from the "hunting type" to "farming-type change", artificial proliferation and release work into a new era. Into the new century, the provincial department of marine and fisheries ecological restoration action plan put forward, the proliferation and release of artificial reef construction, recreational fisheries at the same time rapid progress, marine ranching from the shore to the sea three-dimensional layout. In the Yellow Sea and Bohai systematically to build a number of "ecotype", "catches -", ​​"recreational fishing" and "sea treasures" artificial reef, marine organisms to create habitat, breeding sites. From 1984 to 2013, the input-output ratio of Shandong marine pasture was more than 1:15 (15 yuan for output of 1 yuan), and achieved remarkable economic, social and ecological benefits.

    But the "sea granary" to mention the provincial government planning is the last two years, the rapid development of marine pastures caused by the provincial party committee and government attach great importance to the Provincial Policy Research Office, Provincial Oceanic and Fishery Office, according to Provincial Opinion Organization The drafting of the report, the provincial government office to Lu Zhengfa (2014) No. 49, forwarded the [on the promotion of "sea granary" construction of the views], September 20, 2016 the provincial government (Lu Zheng Zi 2016) [2015-2020 Shandong Province, "the sea granary" construction planning. ]



  Reporter: The media has repeatedly reported that you spend more than 30 years of spare time on "marine ranch" construction. Your suggestions and suggestions to promote the blue economy as a national strategy to make a positive contribution. I would like to invite you to share with you the results of your research.

    Wang Shicheng: Because I was born on the island, and has long been engaged in marine and fisheries work, the sea has a special feeling, the nineteen eighties began to use my spare time on ocean and fisheries, I spent 10 years to complete the " Strategic Research ", published the" Wang Shicheng Marine Power Series "namely" the construction of China on the sea aspect "," dragon, from the sea Teng "," ocean power "," blue challenge "four monographs, answered China why To build a marine power, how to build a major strategic proposition of marine power. Ocean Power Series has won the "Outstanding Publication Book Award", the National Ocean Award for outstanding books, the results of Shandong Province, and many other awards social science, I put forward the "development of the ocean half of the country's proposal to build a marine power" Of the great importance to promote the development of the national ocean heat, but also for the marine power strategy into the national strategy and make due contributions.

    I have completed 20 years of research on the strategy of marine strong province, published Wang Shicheng's Theory of Blue Economy, Theory of Ocean Strategic Engineering, Theory of Marine Regional Economy, Theory of Marine Scientific Management, Protection of the "four monographs, during which there have been a dozen recommendations into the national and provincial decision-making, in order to promote the" Shandong Shandong "to" marine strong province "to the" Peninsula Blue Economic Zone "national strategic leap to make its due contribution .

    I have spent nearly 30 years in the research and practice of "marine ecological restoration and management", "peninsula marine ranch construction", "Shandong marine management model" and other theoretical research and practice, published over 500 papers and research reports during the ocean Protection and restoration of the ecological environment, the upgrading of marine rangeland, and the strengthening of marine and fishery management in a targeted manner.

    Especially in the new century, I proposed to the provincial party committee, the provincial government and relevant state departments to implement the "maritime granary" construction strategy. Jiang Daming governor, Vice Governor Jia Wanzhi, in my proposed "on the construction of the Shandong Peninsula National Marine Ranch proposal" on the instructions, "please Blue Office and Ocean Hall led this proposal into the Peninsula Blue Economic Zone planning organization and implementation" . This proposal was the provincial government system research results first prize, 2011 party magazine "truth-seeking" magazine published my signature article "marine ranch - a promising new industry", the same year as the project leader assumed the provincial "blue Yellow River "economic zone construction important subject" Shandong Peninsula blue economic zone ecological fishery development innovation model - marine pasture construction research ". These achievements to improve the level of Shandong peninsula ranch construction, especially the "granary construction of the sea" into the government planning and implementation to make its due contribution.

    The provincial party committee and the provincial government awarded me the title of "top-notch professional and technical personnel of Shandong province". We have successively been appointed as expert of Peninsula Blue Economic Zone, experts of national marine functional zoning, provincial and coastal economic and technological consultants and think tank experts. National Ocean top design and management experts were nominated to participate in the academician selection.

Reporter: building "sea granary" What are the exclusive advantages of Shandong

     Wang Shicheng: Shandong Ocean has many advantages, I think that Shandong has two exclusive advantages:

    One is suitable for "sea granary" construction of the sea resources and climate advantages be richly endowed by nature, Shandong latitude 37 degrees in the line, four seasons, is the most suitable for fish and shrimp feed bait migratory spawning ground and shellfish algae growth. Shandong has more than 3400 km of coastline, has a large number of bays, beaches, islands, sea area of ​​150,000 square kilometers in the above. With the scientific and technological progress and development capabilities to further strengthen the Yellow Sea Cold Water Regiment there are 500 million square meters of water area of ​​about 13 million square kilometers for artificial breeding waters.

    Second, "the sea granary" construction needs

To science and technology support, Shandong science and technology advantages be richly endowed by nature. Shandong has called the national team level of marine scientific and technological personnel, has called the national team level of marine scientific research equipment, with Guo Zihao major scientific ocean base project, with the country's only national marine science and technology national laboratory. In Shandong more than 10 major scientific research institutes, bear half of the country's marine science and technology major projects, with nearly half of the country's high-level marine scientific and technological personnel. In particular, more than 70% of the marine scientific and technological forces in Shandong, the famous five waves of marine aquaculture - that is, in order to keep the sea as the representative of algae culture wave to shrimp shrimp breeding represented wave to scallops as the representative Of the shellfish breeding wave to flounder species represented by the wave of fish farming, to sea cucumber, abalone as the representative of the sea treasures breeding wave, are born in Shandong. Similarly, these scientific and technological forces will promote the construction of maritime granary to an international level.

    Reporter: Professor Wang, you have repeatedly raised the artificial release of fish and shrimp input and output ratio of more than 1:10, why such a high output efficiency?

     Wang Shicheng: I was invited to make a marine lectures in China, often students have raised this issue, I can ask you a question, a mature egg can produce a number of eggs? (Reporter: say do not understand.), Do not engage in marine professional is difficult to say clearly, by the calculation, a protected migratory spawning Bayu fish, can produce 60 million -1 million eggs, the normal survival rate of 10% That is to say a fish as long as it can guarantee normal spawning, can survive 6 million to 10 million young mackerel. Although the annual artificial release of funds is limited, but through the release to strengthen the management of fishing moratorium to strengthen the management of sewage outfall and along the coast, along the Bay of marine ecological remediation, to stop the broodstock broodstock fishing, fish reefs and The construction of marine forest, effectively protect the breeding of wild fish and shrimp shellfish resources growth, to achieve a multiplier effect. Since 84 years of artificial proliferation of fish released since the annual input-output ratio of not less than 1:10, up to 1:17. Benefit fishermen said the artificial release of fish and shrimp fishing is the sea fishing gold project.

  Reporter: Professor Wang you to tell us about, "marine areas in the realization of the Internet + aspects.

     Wang Shicheng: the sea granary mainly through the marine pasture to achieve, the current implementation of the Internet ranch + the main performance of the Internet: "proliferation of artificial fish reef + algae migration + intelligent cage. The current construction of artificial reef ranch in Shandong heat. As of the end of last year, the peninsula has been building 126 artificial artificial pastures, artificial reefs put 14.5 million square feet, with an area of ​​18,500 hectares of sea. In October last year, Vice Premier Wang Yang to Shandong Laizhou modern fisheries research work, fully affirmed the construction of marine ranch. "Fisherman fishing" brand team continues to expand, marine recreational fisheries in the ascendant, the provincial listing of marine fishing base has been more than 10 Department.

    Reporter: Professor Wang said you build a high standard of marine pastures, this high standard is mainly reflected in which aspects?

    Wang Shicheng: Mainly reflected in the marine pastoral characteristics, standardization, specialization, visualization. Features mainly refers to the fishing-type marine pasture, reef-type marine pasture, the end of broadcast-type marine pastures, equipment, marine pastures and pastoral marine pasture. Standardization mainly refers to the construction of the main standard, the sea construction standards, roadbed construction standards, management standards in four areas. Specialization mainly refers to: through the club or professional companies and other forms. Employment and training of specialized personnel to enhance the management team to enhance the marine ranch operation organized, standardized and standardized level. Visualization mainly refers to the construction of marine ranching observation network to realize visual, measurable and controllable marine pastures, and enhance the economic, ecological and social benefits of marine rangeland construction.

       Reporter: Professor Wang, at the end of the interview before you have any suggestions to talk about.

       Wang Shicheng: The construction of "granary at sea" is a magnificent cause in the present era. At the same time, the construction of "granary on the sea" is a huge systematic project, covering a wide range of needs. I would like to make three recommendations:

    First, it is recommended to "sea granary construction" refers to the national strategic level to organize the implementation. In view of our country is a big country, is also a fishery country, in order to scientific three-dimensional development of marine biological resources, the state should strengthen the "marine granary" construction organization and leadership, suggested that the national editorial board of the Ministry of agriculture fishery bureau upgraded to the national fisheries ), And add the "national maritime granary construction management center" brand, unified control of the country's "sea granary" construction. Coastal province set up deputy departmental level "maritime granary" construction management center. "Sea granary" construction planning into the national planning, and according to the shore, beach, bay, sea, coastal and exclusive economic zone waters, from the shore into the three-dimensional layout, graded development.

    The second is to deepen the reform of investment and financing system, broaden the "sea granary" construction investment and financing channels. The "granary" building into the national and coastal provinces and cities planning input plate, increase policy support, the establishment of special funds to expand the scale of discounts and transfer payments. It is suggested that the state reform the fishing subsidy scheme for fishing vessels and convert the fuel subsidy fund into the rangeland construction fund. The marine and ecological compensation fees collected by the state and the province should be mainly used for marine ecological environmental protection management and marine pasture infrastructure complementation in the pasture area. The proposed national introduction of marine welfare lottery issuance management approach, the focus of the funds raised for marine public welfare undertakings and ranch construction of the credit discount to make up. Encourage state-owned enterprises, consortia and listed companies to participate in the construction of maritime granary, the state can be invested in the first three years to give tax-free and low-interest loans policy support.

    The third is to learn, learn from, promote the implementation of Shandong Province, "the granary" construction experience. Shandong Province, the implementation of marine pasture construction more than 30 years, has accumulated rich experience, the typical approach will be more effective. I think there are three main experience in Shandong worthy of promotion, first, leadership attention, planning first; Second, management in place, a solid advance; Third, scientific and technological support and strong support.

    Reporter: Thank you, Professor Wang, we also issued a "maritime granary" building early into the national planning. Please end the interview in two sentences.

    Wang Shicheng: "sea granary" promising, the blue economy to lead the tide and then Chuanghui! (2016.10)





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