Li Keqiang Meets with Duttett: The South China Sea issue is not the whole of China-Philippines relations

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met here today with Philippine President Duttett, who is on a state visit to China at the Great Hall of the People.


Li Keqiang said that China and the Philippines are close neighbors with a long history of friendly exchanges. This morning, President Xi Jinping held fruitful talks with you, and carried out a comprehensive plan for the relations and cooperation between the two countries in the coming period. China attaches great importance to developing relations with the Philippines and is willing to make joint efforts with the Philippine side to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in various fields so as to promote the return of China-Philippine relations to the normal development track and earnestly benefit the two peoples.


Li pointed out that China has always maintained that the differences between the two sides should be discussed and negotiated directly by the two sides. The South China Sea issue is not and should not be the whole of China-Philippines relations, and the common interests between the two countries are far greater than the differences. It is hoped that the two sides will work together to promote good-neighborly and friendly cooperation and adhere to bilateral dialogue and consultation to properly manage their differences. This is not only in the common interest of the two countries, but also conducive to peace and stability and development and prosperity in the region.


Li Keqiang stressed that both China and the Philippines are developing countries and are faced with the important task of developing the economy and improving people's livelihood. The two sides have a good foundation and conditions for their development strategies and deepen mutually beneficial cooperation. We are willing to carry out cooperation with the Philippine side in interconnection, infrastructure construction, production and other fields to promote trade and investment cooperation and development. We will strengthen cooperation in agriculture, finance and other fields so as to better achieve mutual benefits and win-win results.


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