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Duttett arrived in Beijing last night and met with Foreign Minister Wang Yi at the airport. China News Agency

At the invitation of Chinese President Xi Jinping, Philippine President Duttett arrived in Beijing last night to start a four-day state visit to China. China has also become the first non-ASEAN member country to visit after he took office. Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs Wang Yi went to the airport to meet.
During his stay in Duttle, Chinese President Xi Jinping will hold talks with him on an in-depth exchange of views on improving bilateral relations, deepening cooperation in various fields and international and regional issues of common concern, according to the schedule announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Chairman of the Standing Committee of China's National People's Congress Zhang Dejiang will meet respectively with Duttert.
Since the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and the Philippines, the overall development of bilateral relations has been smooth. Former Philippine government insisted on promoting the so-called South China Sea arbitration case, not only affects the development of the Philippines itself, but also upset the regional peace and stability. Since taking office this year, President Duttett expressed on many occasions the positive desire to improve relations with China.
Wang Yi said that after President Duttett took office, he made a friendly choice with China and is willing to return to dialogue and cooperation. This reflects the aspirations of the people of the Philippines, conforms to the national interests of the Philippines and conforms to the historical development trend. , Any force can not be blocked.
Wang Yi said that this is an historic visit and will become a new starting point for China-Philippine relations. "I want to tell you that China attaches great importance to this visit, we are ready to start to the Philippine people's arms of friendship, extend the hand of cooperation." He said that President Duttett's visit to a certain Will not only bring China-Philippine relations back on track, but also open up new prospects for mutually beneficial cooperation in various fields between the two countries.
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The return of relations between China and the Philippines will benefit the entire region
Ruan Zongze, executive vice president of the China Institute of International Studies, said that during the visit, China and the Philippines are expected to achieve a number of achievements in economic and trade cooperation, infrastructure construction and fight against drug-related crimes. He said that as long as dialogue between the two sides, return to consensus, you can control the differences for the next step in the improvement and development of Sino-Philippine relations opened the window of opportunity. "Both sides of the positive attitude, showing the warming trend of Sino-Philippine relations." Ruan Zongze that the Sino-Philippine relations through this visit to the "vista" a new starting point.
Ruan Zongze predicts that this visit will allow the two countries in the South China Sea issue, return to the "arbitration case" before the normal track. "China and the Philippines have already reached a series of consensus on the South China Sea issue, saying that they agreed to settle the dispute through negotiation and consultation, but their former president unilaterally took the confrontation and plunged the two countries into a freezing point.
In addition, Duttett's visit to China is expected to strengthen bilateral economic and trade cooperation. Ruan Zongze believes that this will Dutte in the country to improve people's livelihood, fight crime, to carry out drug reform and other support, and to improve the Philippines with some ASEAN countries.
"Because the former Philippine president and China for a long time confrontation in the South China Sea issue, and trying to expand the Sino-Philippine conflict to the ASEAN, leading to the Philippines, some countries with the ASEAN relations are not good." Ruan Zong think ... ... View Original: http: // world .huanqiu.com / article / 2016-10 / 9570543.html
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