President Xi Jinping and Cambodian Prime Minister witnessed the signing of cooperation documents on marine areas between China and Cambodia

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China, Cambodia Sign Cooperation Documents on Marine Areas

On October 13, under the testimony of President Xi Jinping and Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen, the State Oceanic Administration (SOA) Secretary Wang Hong and the Cambodian Minister of the Environment Sai Samo signed in Phnom Penh the "State Oceanic Administration of the People's Republic of China and the Ministry of Environment of the Kingdom of Cambodia Memorandum of Understanding "(hereinafter referred to as the" Memorandum of Understanding ").

According to the Memorandum of Understanding, the two sides will establish a long-term and stable cooperation mechanism to further expand cooperation in marine observation and monitoring, marine environmental forecasting, marine environmental protection, marine disaster risk assessment, integrated coastal zone management and marine policy and law, And jointly promote the ability to deal with climate change and marine disasters, and promote marine scientific research and marine economic development.

Wang talks with Cambodian environment ministry officials

On October 12, Wang Hong, Secretary of the State Oceanic Administration, held a working meeting in Phnom Penh with the State Secretary and Executive Vice Minister of the Ministry of Environment of Cambodia Yasupali.

(Wang Hong (left) held talks with Cambodian State Secretary and Vice Minister Jasuparly)


Wang spoke highly of the fruitful results achieved in recent years, bilateral cooperation in the marine sector. He pointed out that Sino-Cambodian traditional friendship between timeless, highly mutual trust between the two countries in politics, in respect of each other's core interests and major concerns, help each other, to deepen maritime cooperation has laid a solid political foundation. China is willing to support Cambodia to develop the marine economy, enhance marine research, resources development and management capabilities. Introduction shuttle Palley said Cambodia marine work is in its infancy, the lack of talent, lack of ocean management experience and technology equipment, expects China to provide support and assistance in personnel training, infrastructure and capacity building. The two sides agreed that "after the State Oceanic Administration and the Ministry of Environment of the Kingdom of Cambodia, People's Republic of China on cooperation in the field of marine Memorandum of Understanding" (hereinafter referred to as the "Memorandum of Understanding") signed, will be established as soon as the field of marine and Cambodia Joint Committee, convened for the first time as soon as possible conference to identify in the field of marine environmental observations, marine ecological protection, marine scientific research and other specific cooperation projects, and actively apply for China - ASEAN maritime cooperation fund to support project implementation. China will invite the Cambodian side of a high-level ...... See original: http:? // __biz = MjM5MTExODIxNg == & mid = 2652605208 & idx = 1 & sn = 06e9b29ed420f288a0ce7f3aae8b5b1a & chksm = bd554dff8a22c4e9013f489fca2617907418fe5aa33d312a11c73f6b43256e0bce3ea95983e6 & mpshare = 1 & scene = 1 & srcid = 10176SWzvSJSNTBmGWvsbZe2 # rd

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