China looks forward to the World Heritage Marine zero breakthrough

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Including the World Heritage natural and cultural aspects, as co-owner of the precious wealth of mankind, World Heritage has a very high value, aesthetic value and the value of anthropology and sociology of science and culture.


From December 12, 1985 China became the UNESCO World Heritage Committee member present, our country has a total of 48 World Heritage codification, where 34 of the world cultural heritage, world natural heritage 10, cultural and natural heritage of four double, number heritage ranked second in the world.


Although it is a world heritage country, but have you noticed the number of the world's maritime heritage of our country in the World Heritage List actually zero. It was an embarrassing situation, although there are other objective reasons, but the lack of concern for the world's oceans inscription in marine culture consciousness, say that it is an important reason.


The development of human civilization shows that the global process of modernization in history and natural and cultural heritage, has become a modern human link, the continuation of the history of the most direct route, to become a worldwide cultural action. This is because the higher the degree of modernization, the traditional and the resulting destruction of historical and cultural heritage and lost even more serious behavior, which is already proven in the coastal region of the coastal countries today. Thus the marine rescue and protection of cultural heritage in the moment, it is more urgent for China is also true.


When it comes to the protection of natural and cultural heritage, as environmental issues, like years ago, someone will naturally proposed to strengthen national marine heritage protection awareness, establish the correct orientation of the humanities and social development, refinement of policies and regulations, to strengthen measures to support recommendations. As everyone knows, are the root of all is the lack of awareness of marine culture. Therefore, to change this situation and solve the problem fundamentally, relying on the above approach is feasible, but also need to focus on the rescue and protection of the marine heritage of culture. Therefore, every worker must understand our oceans ocean inscription why they can not succeed, what the inscription ocean conditions.


Maritime heritage known as the "jewel in the crown of the sea." As the world's maritime heritage must meet two conditions


Parts: First, we must meet the world natural heritage criteria


At least one of the second is to meet integrity


And authenticity requirements. World Natural Heritage label


Associate: extraordinary natural phenomenon one has


Or unusual natural beauty and aesthetic value.


Second, the evolutionary history of Earth's major stages


Outstanding examples, including a recording of life, it is important


The ongoing evolution of geological landforms, topography or important natural and geographical features.


Third, reflect terrestrial, freshwater, coastal, marine


Ecosystems and communities of plants ongoing weight


Outstanding range to ecological and biological processes in the evolution


example. Fourth, it contains the most important to protect biodiversity


To and significant natural habitats, ranging from families


Science and conservation perspective, including outstanding


Universal values ​​of endangered species habitat.


World maritime heritage integrity principles are the following: First, that contains all the necessary elements demonstrate outstanding universal value. Second, there is a sufficiently large area, can fully demonstrate the importance of the nominated features and processes. The third is less affected by human development activities. Both to ensure the integrity of the principle of the value of world heritage, but also for the heritage protection principle delineated range. Authenticity principle for the cultural heritage of the world, including: the form and design heritage, materials and substance, use and role of traditions and techniques, location and setting, and spirit and feeling. Understanding of the above criteria and principles, will help us to examine and measure the value of China's marine heritage, and to carry out the inscription timely work. As the world's heritage, maritime heritage strict standards of the world's marine heritage so that each location represents a unique marine features. For example, the unique marine scenery, unique biodiversity, or unique ecological, biological and geological evolution. Therefore, the treatment of the world's oceans have the same inscription correct concept of marine culture, marine culture spread awareness, promote marine culture and support the leading role. For example, when we spread "Praise Harbour Island, traced its mulberry; Chung sea fishing, looking for its origin; see marine treasures, its magical complex; Yang style waters, rejuvenating its cultural connotation."


Looking forward to the day, China's maritime heritage to achieve a breakthrough in the List of World Heritage in.

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