Pearl King Pearl Conques

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In 1987, Elizabeth Taylor to a whole conch jewelry stunning Hollywood star performers attracted many to emulate. Her worn conch beads, is known as the "Pearl of the King," the hole g beads.

Kunkel beads produced in large phoenix spiral conch body. Big Lo Fung also known as "The Queen of Phoenix Lo" or "Pink Phoenix Lo", is one of the large marine mollusc, edible. When fishermen used to eat conch conch meat in the first tip opening hole to see whether there possession Kunkel beads, if they found treasure.
Kunkel beads common color between pink and red, coral and easily confused, but a closer look at the bead surface Kunkel has a unique like flaming glory. It determines the level of quality collectible Kunkel beads, first look at the shape, that is, to see whether the regular shape overall. Second, to see whether there is flame pattern, or flame pattern is beautiful. Once again, look at the color is uniform.
G beads big hole there phoenix screw probability of only one ten thousandth, while only 1/10 Kunkel beads can reach gem. In general, large pearl phoenix screw inside the small, mostly beads, and is symmetrical oval. But natural Kunkel beads occasionally occur round pearl, pearl or larger size. The vast majority Kunkel is a typical brown beads, but also some beige or ivory. Collectors are the most popular red roses Kunkel beads, or has a natural flame pattern rouge color beads Conques.
Mid-20th century, a large phoenix screw also throughout the Yucatan peninsula between the coast of Cuba and the Caribbean Basin, Florida, but now due to the overfishing large phoenix spiral in North, Central and South America become an endangered species and is protected by " CITES wildlife plants international "protection. Now, Kunkel beads become rare pearl jewelry market, even more than diamonds, rubies more valuable.
In the international auction, Kunkel beads often in unexpected price sold. June 2003 in Hong Kong Bao Han auction, a hole g beads (100.4 kt) at a price of $ 2.7 million deal, refresh
A single pearl auction price record. Since 2007, Hong Kong
Sotheby's auction house is only 14 grams hole beads on display.
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