Is the sea going to be more and more salty?

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Why is the sea salty, it will be more and more salty? Over the years, the issue has been controversial, has been the subject of scientific research.

The sea is salty, because it contains about 3.5% of the salt. Most of the salt is sodium chloride, and a small amount of magnesium chloride, potassium sulfate, calcium carbonate, etc.. It is these substances that make the sea water bitter and astringent, difficult to access. To find out whether the sea is salty, it is necessary to study the origin of these salts.

The majority of scientists believe that the earth's surface water (including sea water) is fresh water during the long geological period. Later, because of the erosion of the surface rock erosion of the surface rock, rock salt in the water. These waters flow into the river and into the sea. As the water evaporates, the salt deposits more and more, and the sea becomes salty. It is speculated that, as time goes by, the sea water will become more and more salty.

Some scientists do not agree with the above views. They believe that the salt water of the sea is born, and will not become more and more salty. There is no significant increase in the salinity of the sea water, only in the various geological history of the earth, the proportion of the salt water in the sea is different. On the one hand, continental and sea salts increased, on the other hand, salts in combination with subtractive, ocean salinity long maintain relative balance.

There are some scientists believe that the sea is salty, not only the inherent reasons, there are reasons for the day after tomorrow. In addition to the constant inflow of salt from the land to the ocean, volcanic eruption at the bottom of the ocean will continue to transport salt to the ocean. At present, this argument has been recognized by the majority of scholars. Although more and more salt in the ocean, but the ocean can be released in several ways. First, when the soluble substances contained in the ocean reach a certain concentration, it will form insoluble compounds, and sink to the bottom of the ocean. Two is the sea of organisms will absorb some of the salt, reducing the concentration of salt in the sea. Three is a storm, the sea was rolled up on the land, part of the salt water in the sea has also been brought to the land. (Zong Wen)

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